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Ahmadi Muslim Students' Association, Nigeria

Ahmadi Muslim Students' Association is the student body of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Its establishment became a necessity after the student members of the divine religious sect were bitterly oppressed in Nigeria's tertiary institutions. The Association was formally established in 1984 in Nigeria, under the Ameer (National President), Maulana Naseem Saifi.

Since inception, AMSA Nigeria has shown its commitment o educational excellence with large doses of religious morality. The members of Ahmadi Muslim Students' Association believe that knowledge is nothing except that it is coupled with religious morality and spirituality. Because of this, they have taken the garment of good behaviour and proclamation of the Islamic religion as duties onto themselves.

From the somewhat insignificant twenty members who formed the Association way back in 1984, the Association has grown in bounds and leaps, having more than 10,000 members scattered in Nigerian post-primary institutions.

The Association is operated in male and female wings. While the female wing is directly responsible to the Lajna Immaillah, the women group of the Ahmadiyya Jama'at, the male wing is directly under the Majlis Khuddam, male youth group of the Jama'at.

AMSA organises different programmes. These include the Annual Convention, AMSA Propagation Weeks, Education Forum and Interactive Forum. All these are organised with the objectives of fostering the academic  excellence, social capability and spirituality of its members. Most of these programmes are held individually by the male and female wings.

Further information about the Ahmadi Muslim Students' Association can be got from the address below:

National Secretariat

Ahmadi Muslim Students' Association,

Block 1, Middle Floor, Fajuyi Hall

Obafemi Awolowo University,

Ile Ife, Nigeria


+234 805 526 7355

+234 805 594 7651